Fuelling your run

Healthy nutrition inspired by the Chevron City to Surf

Running isn’t just about your legs; it’s about what fuels them. Inspired by the recent Chevron City to Surf, let’s rethink how nutrition can power your performance and enhance your wellbeing.

Pre-run power: your nutritional roadmap 

Before hitting the pavement, let’s talk about fuel. Load up on nutrient-rich carbohydrates (CHO) – your muscles’ preferred energy source. Proteins are next in line, aiding muscle repair, growth, and adaptation. Hydration is a must; it fights early fatigue and keeps you in the race. Electrolytes and iron are your allies too, so keep them in mind. 

Smart fuel choices 

Mastering nutrition is a journey. Stick to proven foods during training to avoid surprises on race day. Portable snacks like muesli bars and protein balls are your allies. Embrace variety for a diverse nutrient intake and maintain hydration – you don’t want to lose more than 2% of your body weight in water. 

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Recover like a pro 

Recovery isn’t an afterthought – it’s part of the race. Replenish carbs and proteins after running to refuel and repair, ideally 20 minutes post action. Hydration matters too, maintaining temperature, blood volume, and energy metabolism. 

A Recipe for victory 

Remember, your race isn’t just on the road – it’s in every choice you make. Eat well, run strong, and taste the sweet victory of preparation. 

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