Fundraising ideas

The sky is almost the limit when dreaming up a fundraising activity. Whether you plan to hold your activity in your school, workplace, club or community, check out the following ideas for inspiration.

1. Morning or afternoon tea

Everybody loves a sweet or savoury treat, and a morning or afternoon tea at work, school, or with your community group is a great way to bring people together and collect donations!

2. Excellent entertainment

Who doesn’t love to be entertained? Organise a movie night, music concert, karaoke comp, talent show, art exhibit or theatre production and donate the ticket proceeds.

3. Dress-up or casual clothes day

Whether you dress up or dress down, leave the uniform in the cupboard and donate a gold coin for the occasion!

4. Trivia night

It can get competitive… but it’s a whole lot of fun! You can seek donations from local businesses for prizes.

5. Raffle or auction

Already holding an event where a raffle or live auction could take place? Collect donations of goods or services from local businesses and start selling tickets! (Make sure you check if permits are required.)

6. Barbecue or bake sale

Take your cooking skills to the community with a bake sale or barbecue. You can ask your local hardware store, supermarket or sporting club if they’ll host you.

7. Games night

Whether it’s board games, computer games or card games, gather some friends and make a fundraiser of it.

8. Luncheon or dinner party

Casual or fancy, dining with others is one of life’s great pleasures. Add a guest speaker, entertainment or raffle and you’ve got a great event!

9. Physical challenge or fitness event

Great for your health and great for giving back. Organise or participate in a fun run, bike ride, golf day, gym classes, walkathon, the list could go on and on!

10. Percentage of sales

Donating a percentage of your sales can be a great way to not only support Foodbank, but promote your business or product! Promotions can run on a particular Day or Week that is relative to your brand (for example, International Pet Day or Giving Tuesday), a milestone that your business may be celebrating, or a public holiday or event.

By becoming a Foodbank Fundraiser, you are helping us provide more meals, to more Victorians in need. Inspired? Click on the link below to read our Fundraising Kit or submit a Fundraising application.

Inspired to hold a Fundraiser?