Healthy Eating Hub reaches 500 participant milestone

Another big milestone in nutrition education

Our Sunshine Harvester nutrition education premises in Fremantle came to life in 2022 thanks to our  long-standing partnership with Hawaiian Property Group, bringing a fresh new approach to nutrition education.  

The Hub has just celebrated a big milestone, with the 500th participant passing through the doors to participate in nutrition education and cooking sessions which have reached a broad range of participants. This has included people considered ‘at risk’ or vulnerable groups such as youth, Aboriginal people, people with a disability, mental health, seniors and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse groups.   

The overall aim of the Healthy Eating Hub is to achieve sustainable community wellness, assist in social engagement and relationship building and continue to support families facing financial pressures that affect food stress.   

The Healthy Eating Hub highlights the importance of connecting the community with collaborative and innovative programs.   

WA Foodbank WA Delivering Nutrition Education in the Healthy Eating Hub

Each program is designed to improve knowledge and important skills and participants can expect to be better equipped to understand and apply knowledge to cook and prepare easy, healthy and tasty meals, prepare and store food safely, budget for and plan meals, read and understand food labels and to understand serving sizes and types of foods to eat each day for health and wellbeing. 

Each session sees participants learning about healthy eating and nutrition and taking part in a hands-on cooking class, making tasty recipes developed by our nutritionists.    

Feedback from the nutrition education programs has been overwhelmingly positive, when asked what participants liked about the program they said “it covers a lot of practical issues and is very interactive,” and “I liked the collegiate atmosphere and the sampling of food at the end. The sessions cover a lot of practical issues and is very interactive.” 

Overall feedback from participants who took part in programs delivered to date has shown a 9.7 out of 10 overall satisfaction.  

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