Foodbank is the pantry to Australia’s charity sector, providing food and grocery items to 2,400 charitable organisations who run food relief programs. Pre-COVID-19, these programs assisted more than 815,000 Australians each and every month. We have seen a 47% increase in demand for food relief since the pandemic was declared.

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Hunger In Queensland

1 in 5 Queenslanders experience hunger at some point each year, with 22% being our children. Foodbank Qld is Queensland’s largest hunger relief charity, suppling over 14 million kilograms of essential food to Queenslanders in need, through a large network of front-line charity members each year. That’s enough food to fill 7 football fields!

Through our wonderful charity partners, Foodbank Queensland currently assists more than 240,000 Queenslanders every month. For many, it just takes an unexpected job loss, bill or health issue for their family to go hungry without support. People like Meghan and Shane, who’s illnesses prevented them from working, and Rebecca, a loving mother who escaped an abusive relationship with her two daughters.

The most shocking figure about hunger is how little it takes to help. Every $1 donated to Foodbank equals 2 meals for someone in need.

Real Stories of Hunger


With her partner on life support, Rachel struggles to feed her children


Last year, Rachel, her partner and her two young children were excited about the future, as they recently moved into a new home. However, one week before Christmas, Rachel’s partner lost his job, and the young family were forced to seek food relief for the first time. Just as they were getting back on their feet, James suffered a stroke and has been in hospital on life support ever since.

“The food parcels have helped me out so much. When it comes to food for my kids, I’ll do anything for them.”


Being unable to work has put Tony and his family in a desperate situation


Tony was an active, hard-working family man until a beach accident left him unable to work for six months. He recovered well and was about to go back to his job when an out-of-control motorist ran into his car. With another set of debilitating injuries, Tony found himself in an even worse situation than before.

“I’ve pawned all my tools and used our savings to try and get by, but for a couple of weeks we were pretty much just living on bread and water. It’s the highlight of our week knowing there will be fresh fruit and veg, bread, and dried foods like pasta and rice. Without this help we would not have made it this far.”


Sudden unemployment left Camille seeking food relief for the first time


Camille never imagined that, when she came to Australia to study, a global pandemic would leave her jobless and unable to afford life’s necessities, miles away from home. As an international student from France, Camille was unable to access any Government assistance. Luckily, some of her friends told her about one of Foodbank Queensland’s Member Charities where she could receive support.

“During COVID-19, the restaurants and cafés closed, so, unfortunately, I lost my four jobs. As a student here, I had no money.

In need of food?

Foodbank Queensland is the largest supplier of food relief, directly to front-line food relief charities across the state that assist Queenslanders in need. If you or your family are in need of food, click here to visit Charity Directory Ask Izzy. This website will help you to find a local charity near you who can assist you in your time of need.

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