Foodbank is the pantry to Australia’s charity sector, providing food and grocery items to 2,400 charitable organisations who run food relief programs. These programs assist more than 815,000 Australians each and every month.

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Foodbank supports more than 126,000+ South Australians every month with food relief.


We work in cooperation with a network of 586 community based non-profit partner organisations that serve individuals and families in need in South Australia.

In addition, we provide direct services via a number of key programs, including via our: Foodbank Food Hubs, Foodbank Pop Ups and Foodbank Hamper Program.  To access our direct service our clients must access a referral from one of our charity partners.

Find out how to access food in your local area

Foodbank Food Hubs

Our Food Hubs located in Bowden, Christies Beach, Edwardstown, Elizabeth and Mount Gambier require a referral from one of the agencies we work with.

Food relief services in your area

If you are hungry or in need of assistance finding a food relief service in your local area, you can visit Ask Izzy.

If would prefer to speak to one of the Foodbank team for help in locating the nearest organisation in your area, please contact Foodbank South Australia.