Colder than Antarctica

Joining logistics and food safety to keep Western Australia supported

Last month alone we received 406,767 kg of incoming food to process and get ready for the shop floor and of course for distribution. 

This massive ongoing task requires us to decide where stock moves to, whether to store in the freezer or distribute to our branches. 

For those foods that are destined for the freezer, this is usually to extend its usability and shelf life. 

The biggest example of this is that we aim to freeze all of our protein to ensure we can extend its shelf life and to retain quality. 90% of the donated protein we receive is actually frozen already which means that we can maintain the cold chain process efficiently. 

You all know that our freezer is huge and cold, but did you know that it is actually always kept a -18C? 

The floor area is larger than the average split block home in most Perth suburbs, coming in at a huge 567m2 with enough racking to hold 396 pallets which is equivalent 250,000kg of food or 450,450 meals. 

The total volume is 3,685m³ or 3.7 million Litres of water which is equal to almost 1.5 Olympic Swimming pools or 27 London double decker buses! 

Published: Wednesday, 5 April 2023

WA Logistics at Foodbank WA Colder than Antarctica

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