Egg program

While the demand for food relief continues to grow in our community, so does our need to source a regular and sustainable supply of nutritious and versatile staple foods, such as fresh eggs.

How the egg program works


We currently work with several egg producers in every state and territory to source eggs via either donations or, in some instances, buying eggs to have them available for our charity network and school breakfast programs. Our ultimate goal is to establish a regular and sustainable supply of eggs in each state and territory while keeping the whole process simple for the donating organisation and any other involved stakeholders, such as transporters. Donations can be an one-off donation of 1+ pallets of fresh eggs or a regular donation of a defined quantity of eggs at a set frequency, determined by the donor.

Program partners:

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The benefits of donating


  • Supporting your industry: Donors can be confident that the eggs or donated inputs in a collaborative supply program all go to Foodbank to help those in need in our community.
  • Supporting local communities: The eggs are distributed to communities all over your state, including rural and remote communities, via our network of frontline charity partners and school breakfast programs.
  • Foodbank is a registered, not-for-profit charity organisation with DGR status, so all donations to Foodbank can receive a Tax Donation Receipt for the weight and description of the good donated. 

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Can you help?


To discuss how your farm, team, organisation or industry group could get involved or support Foodbank or get involved with an egg collaborative supply program, please contact Tayla Field, Foodbank, National Program Manager – Fresh.

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