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Foodbank provides food to over one million people each month, with more than 30% of our total volume going to regional areas. Meat is commonly one of the first grocery items to come off any household’s shopping list during financial stress. Meat is a great source of protein and helps make up a balanced diet. Therefore, individuals and families need access to it, regardless of their financial situation.

Meat is not a product that comes to Foodbank in any significant volume or frequency via food rescue channels. To change this, the Foodbank Meat Program was created and now plays a vital role in giving us access to a regular and reliable source of meat protein to distribute to those in need.

Contributions can be regular or one-off, large or small. All will help provide a vital source of protein to people who would otherwise go without. We need help from livestock producers to stock feed suppliers, transporters, processors, manufacturers, and packaging, carton and label suppliers to help feed those in need.

The benefits of donating

  • Supporting your industry: Donors become part of an established and incredibly positive meat industry collaboration involving producers, processors, manufacturers and transporters.
  • Supporting local communities: Donors are helping provide a valuable source of protein to those who may otherwise go without.
  • Strong return on investment: Foodbank’s relationships right along the food industry supply chain mean we for every dollar donated enables us to distribute $5.16 worth of food and groceries. 
  • Tax Donation Receipt: We are a registered charity so we provide the donor with a Tax Donation receipt for the weight and description of the product 


  • Foodbank operates and adheres to all food safety and handling standards and regulations.
  • All of our warehouses and operations have commercial or industrial refrigeration and freezer capacity and infrastructure.
  • Foodbank maintains cold chain throughout and only distributes frozen or chilled products to charity partners with audited and adequate chilled and frozen capacity and infrastructure and/or cooking facilities.

Program partners

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Partner feedback


Getting involved in this innovative supply chain that ensures a regular source of protein for Australians was an easy decision to make, and we really wanted to be part of it. We’re proud of our team and the role we are able to play via this program.

– Julie McDonald, Chief Financial Officer, MDH Pty Ltd

Our family and staff are proud we can work with the industry and Foodbank to be part of the expansion of such a valuable program. This is a pleasing addition to our long association with Foodbank Australia.

– Roger Fletcher, Managing Director, Fletcher International Exports

Thomas Foods International is a family-owned company. We are delighted to be helping Foodbank reach families and individuals in their time of need because that’s what families do!

– Darren Thomas, CEO, Thomas Foods International