Fighting hunger in Queensland

Every single day, Queenslanders are going hungry. For many, it only takes an emergency bill for necessities such as health care, home repayments or car, that results in going hungry. No matter who we are or where we come from, sometimes life gets tough. Now, the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 are making it harder for many Queenslanders living week to week and in vulnerable situations. Food stress and hunger negatively impact our physical and mental health. That’s why we believe every Queenslander deserves access to good quality food all year round.

Foodbank Queensland sources millions of kilograms of food from farmers, manufacturers and retailers, and distributes this food to hundreds of Food Relief Charities and School Breakfast Programs state-wide.

Foodbank Queensland’s Community Impact:

  • Feeding 48,000 Queenslanders in need, plus 33,000 school children per week
  • Supporting 300 Food Relief Charities, and 300 School Breakfast Programs each year
  • Sourcing 14 million kilograms of food, distributed as 25 million meals equivalent each year
  • Reducing landfill CO2-e emissions by 26 million kilograms each year.



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