Fighting hunger in Queensland

Food insecurity is more common in Queensland than you may think.  Put simply, food insecurity is the inability to put nutritious food on the table when it is needed.

Every month Foodbank Queensland provides food assistance to  249,412 Queenslanders, 22% of whom are children, via a network of 252 frontline charities spread throughout the state.

Foodbank Queensland rescued over 12.8 million kilograms of food and groceries last year, the equivalent of more than 22 million meals, and it is still not enough. Frontline charities are struggling to meet the rising need for food relief in Queensland, turning away 6,393 people each month.

The face of hunger is diverse – it can impact men, women, children and the elderly. Almost half of food insecure people are employed in some way and say that an unexpected or large bill means they can’t afford to buy enough food to put on the table.

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