Kurnai College – LaTrobe Valley Flexible Learning Option

LaTrobe Valley Flexible Learning Option (LVFLO) has 120 students attending the school, over four days of the week. They offer the School Breakfast Clubs Program twice a day, serving around 40 kids per day.

What? Breakfast twice a day?

LVFLO is a tailored school for specific kids. The students attending LVFLO are at risk or already disengaged from education and require further support than a mainstream school can provide. Each student enrolled brings a unique set of experiences that has impacted their educational engagement.

The students receive individualised learning plans with a strong focus on providing holistic support. There is a Young Parents program providing both academic and life skills, a tailored music program and even a barrister training program to provide skills that will help these students outside of their school days.

The students generally attend school once a day, either in the morning or afternoon session. Therefore, there are kids arriving at school not only in the morning but also in the afternoon who may not have had any food. So, the answer is to provide Breakfast Club twice a day, once for the morning session and once for the afternoon session.

On any given day, you can smell bacon cooking twice a day. The school uses their School Breakfast Clubs Program products and adds bacon and eggs to provide more protein. Actually, it’s not just about the nutrition, it is also an incentive to get the kids to come to school.

Food for all

The school is set up with several kitchens, ensuring the kids can access School Breakfast Clubs Program food whenever they need. Ensuring these kids are not hungry at school is a priority.

Additionally, families are offered Home Food Packs on a Friday. There is no school on a Friday for these kids, so the school has the time to pack up the food and hand it out to school families as required.

Ronnie (The fabulous school Cook): “The contribution that Foodbank has made has enabled us to ensure that our students are provided with a nutritious meal prior to their learning schedule. As you would all know, your brain uses a quarter of your daily energy just to function. Having access to food impacts on learning especially when most of our students come from a low-socio economic background and may have financial situations limiting food security. Breakfast Club also allows our students to check in, debrief, belong and to share a meal in a safe family environment.”

Erin (The wonderful Wellbeing Manager): “The last thing we want our students to worry about is being hungry, so Breakfast Club is so important at our school. A guaranteed yummy breaky every morning gives the students motivation to attend as well as having the opportunity to chat to staff and each other.”

Nick (The awesome Principal): “Breakfast Club has been a fantastic way to connect our students to our school. Coming in each day and having breakfast with their classmates creates routine and ensures they are present, full, and ready to learn.”

LaTrobe Valley Wellbeing Officer Erin standing in the kitchen
LaTrobe Valley Wellbeing Officer Erin