“There is never enough food. We are a big family and there are a lot of bills to pay.” 

Maria, her three brothers and two sisters recently moved to Australia with their mother. A close-knit family, they were all eager to start a new chapter and leave their difficult life as refugees behind. 

“Before we came to Australia, life was so hard for us. But then we got the chance to come here, and it was like a dream.” – Maria 

Maria’s mother is learning English so she can find work and the children are studying hard, hoping to do well and go on to get good jobs. However, they often find there isn’t enough money to buy food for everyone once the rent and bills are paid. 

That’s why your support is so important. With your generosity, we can help to deliver nutritious food to the homes of families like Maria’s. 

“There are a lot of bills and we don’t have jobs. We are still students. For bills as well as groceries, it’s a lot of money. But once we began getting food parcels, we started to have enough food for everyone. Now once every two weeks, we can have some meat and pantry items.” – Maria 

It’s thanks to the generosity of people like you that we can support communities like Maria’s, making sure our local Member Charities have food to share with families in need.  

“We love the food from Foodbank. We all eat it and it really helps my mum.” – Maria 

Sadly, 22% of Queenslanders experiencing hunger are children. 

With your help, we can help make sure families like Maria’s do not go hungry. Thank you for making a difference.  

Every $1 you donate will provide two nutritious meals to someone facing hunger like Maria.