Little Max ready to Run Melbourne with Foodbank

Run Melbourne is fast approaching, and this week, we had the pleasure of meeting the youngest addition to our team – Max D’Alessandro.

Sporting his Foodbank running shirt, Max stopped by our warehouse with parents, Stacy and Geoff, to donate food that he bought with pocket money he had been saving in his Barefoot Investor inspired ‘Give Jar.’

Max and his family have been training for the 5km walk/run around Melbourne’s CBD by attending weekly Park Runs in their local community.

“We usually go together. We also have a one year old and a three year old and Geoff pushes them in the pram whilst Max and I run,” said Stacy.

The entire family have been fundraising for Max’s first ever Run Melbourne, and have already raised more than $1,400 for Foodbank Victoria.

When asked how Max had heard about Foodbank, Geoff explained that “a local charity provide breakfast to kids at his school every Thursday morning. Max asked me why they do this, and I told him that sadly, some kids go without food. Stacy also reads the Barefoot Investor, so Max has been earning pocket money for his Give Jar. He gets an extra $2 a week for taking the neighbour’s bins out.”

Max has inspired those around him, including his teachers and fellow students at his Craigieburn school where he was featured in the school newsletter.

The speedy six-year-old revealed that he was excited to run around Melbourne and help kids his age that may be going hungry.

“I wanted to teach him the importance of kindness and giving at a young age, and how good it makes you feel to help others. He loves running, so we thought we would incorporate the two,” said Stacy.

We are so excited to have young Max on our team and cannot wait to see him cross the finish line on Sunday 28 July.

Want to join Max at Run Melbourne with Team Foodbank? Contact us.

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