Foodbank WA’s Meal Makers Event Comes at a Critical Time

The cost of living crisis hasn’t discriminated, with most Western Australians feeling the effects of a tightening budget. Those most vulnerable in the community have been hit the hardest, with the latest rate hike pushing people further into poverty.

Foodbank WA recently saw its busiest day on record where we served 1,048 households. The queues at each of the six branches are a daily reminder of how many people are struggling to make ends meet and how many are new to needing food relief.

The ongoing interest rate hikes and the impact on household budgets, is leading many people to seek food assistance services. The increase in demand makes it clear that the cost of living pressures are real, which is why Foodbank WA have seen a 90% growth in demand for its services over the last two years.

Critical to ensuring Foodbank WA can service this demand, is its signature July event, Meal Makers. Funds raised through Meal Makers come at a most critical time for the many who never expected to ever need our food relief service.

Kate O’Hara, Foodbank WA CEO said, “The Meal Makers event comes at a very crucial time for us. Cost of living pressures saw 49% more people visiting our branches in May this year than at the same time last year. Foodbank WA can mean the difference between having to choose paying your mortgage or rent or feeding your family dinner. We are here to be the safety net for those people
that need us.

About Meal Makers
The event creates an immersive experience for six participants per day over one week. Each participant steps into the shoes of a Foodbank customer and collaborate with a skilled chef to create a dish based on a given scenario. Participants plan a menu and shop for ingredients in the Foodbank Perth branch, passing through the weigh station, as a Foodbank customer would, and return to the kitchen to cook their meal.

Each participant has their own kitchen workstation and equipment and the kitchen will have some set pantry items ‘a la Masterchef’.

Once their challenge is complete, participants work alongside Foodbank WA’s resident Chef Grant Longman in the Foodbank WA Community Kitchen, assisting in meal preparation taking some of our food donations and turning them into delicious and healthy ready-to-eat meals.

Meal Makers is in its fifth year and has garnered unprecedented support this year, with Northern Star Resources Limited signing up for a whole day. The participation of such a prominent Western Australian company underscores their commitment to making a positive impact for our community.

We are thankful for the ongoing support from Northern Star Resources. Their deep commitment to addressing the pressing issue of food insecurity has been instrumental in raising awareness and driving positive change and demonstrates their unwavering commitment to fighting hunger in our community.” Kate said.

The Meal Makers event is taking place 24-28 July at the Foodbank Centre for Hunger Relief.

To join Meal Makers and become an advocate for change, working towards a WA community where no one goes hungry, visit

Food Assistance is available to anyone struggling to access or afford food. Phone the Emergency Relief & Food Assistance Hotline on 1800 979 777, Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm.



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About Foodbank WA

Hello, we’re Foodbank WA. We believe everyone should have access to good quality food. We’re here for the everyday Western Australians who are going without. And it’s our job to help change that.

We provide food and groceries to those who struggle to afford them. We also deliver nutrition education to promote healthy eating and advocate on behalf of people that experience hunger and food insecurity.

We are here to support Western Australians in times of need. We do this through

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