Stanthorpe community helps to provide 60,000 meals to people in need

Foodbank Queensland receives food donations from farmers, manufacturers and retailers all around Queensland. Recently, we had the pleasure of visiting our wonderful food donors in the small rural town of Stanthorpe. 

In Stanthorpe, Foodbank Queensland has eight generous food donors who provide a large variety of nutritious food, including applespeachesbroccoli, capsicums and eggs to help Queenslanders experiencing hunger. 

Many farmers across Queensland have been impacted by the events of last year, including drought, bushfires and COVID-19.

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During our visit, we met with Kirra Pines Farming Managing Director, Tim Carnell, who said coming off a once in a 40-year drought into a once in 100-year pandemic has been very tough. 

Not only have we been battling our driest summer in years, COVID-19 has posed new kinds of challenges, with staffing limitations and increased health and safety requirements. 

However, despite any challenges we face at Kirra Pines Farmingwe are committed to supporting people in need by donating produce that would have gone to waste to Foodbankto ensure it goes to a good cause, Tim said. 

On our trip to Stanthorpe, we also met with long-time supporters Bent and Haynes, who have very kindly been donating capsicums and tomatoes to Foodbank for more than 10 years. Sadlythe recent drought meant they struggled to grow any produce in 2020 at all. 

Other food donors in Stanthorpe include P Savio & CoZappia Produce Group, Snowman Orchard, Moore eggs, Gillebri Cotton Co (Moonrocks) and Lindsay Transport Stanthorpe.

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In 2020, the Stanthorpe community donated enough food to provide 60,000 nutritious meals to Queenslanders going hungry.

Our wonderful food donors help us ensure that our shelves are never empty, and our Member Charities can continue distributing food across Queensland to those who need it most. A big thank you to all of our food donors for your continued generosity.

If you’re in the food industry and are interested in becoming a food donor, please click here.