Christmas Lunch in North Perth

How the Menora Foundation is making Christmas brighter

In a heart-warming show of Christmas spirit, the Menora Foundation, together with a lovely lady by the name of Adina and volunteers from the Perth Jewish Community, are organising a Christmas lunch for those who need it most.  

Adina, together with her peers and colleagues, recognised a huge need in their community and have worked to put together this event which will cater for approximately 200 people between 11.30am and 2.00pm on Christmas day at the North Perth Town Hall (26 View Street, North Perth). Handy packs for those living rough will also be distributed on the day.  

The entire event is being supported through donations from the Perth Jewish Community and the local community in North Perth. 

For those wishing to find out more, please email Adina directly or give her a call. This is especially important so that numbers can be accurately estimated for catering and increased if the demand is bigger than anticipated. 

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