We made it! After what has seemed like the longest and toughest year imaginable, we are crossing our fingers and toes that this summer will be a very different one to the last. That said, experience has taught us well, so every Foodbank across the country is ready should we be called upon to assist with emergency food relief, no matter the natural disaster. Being a La Nina year, this is more likely to be cyclones and floods than drought and bushfires, but as the fires currently burning on Queensland’s Fraser Island and the consistently high fire danger warnings in Western Australia are showing us, anything is possible in an Australian summer.

As the year draws to a close, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the tireless efforts of every state and territory Foodbank team across the country, including their wonderful volunteers. Most teams have not had a moment’s pause this year, transitioning straight from drought to bushfires and then COVID-19, on top of our everyday role of assisting those experiencing food insecurity for any number of reasons.

Foodbank’s unrivalled ability to scale up and reach more vulnerable communities than we ever have before is only possible because of our incredible donors and supporters. I’ve never been prouder to be a Foodbanker, and I have been so humbled by the generosity, kindness and compassion we have seen from Australian businesses, manufacturers, retailers, farmers, community groups and general members of the public this year. Please know how grateful we are and how much your support has touched the entire Foodbank family.

I hope the festive season is a happy, healthy and relaxing one for you, your team and your family, and – border restrictions permitting – we look forward to seeing you next year!