MetLife Foundation works with Foodbank Australia to provide over 186,000 meals 

May 2020 – MetLife Australia and the MetLife Foundation will be working with Australia’s largest provider of hunger relief, Foodbank Australia, to provide over 186,000 meals (or the equivalent of over 100,000kg of food) for Australians, starting from July 2020 through to summer 2021. Pre-COVID-19, Foodbank Australia worked with over 2,400 charities in every state and territory to help them provide food to over 815,000 people a month. Since the pandemic hit, Foodbank has seen increased demand and estimate they are now providing food to over 1 million people a month.


In addition to the potential impact on people’s health, the COVID-19 pandemic has put enormous financial pressures on people across Australia, with government data showing a major impact on employment rates and wages, with an increasing number of people not able to properly support themselves.[1] Many charities in Australia are also seeing donations of all kinds reducing as a result of COVID-19, causing problems for their ability to continue to provide much needed services.[2]


Foodbank Australia knows that significant finanical donations can have a major impact on the Australian community they serve and estimate that the MetLife donation equates to $2.3million social return on investment. Social return on investment takes into account not only the immediate nutritional benefits of providing food, but also the contribution to improvements in health, emotional wellbeing, sense of self-worth, social relationships and ultimately overall standard of living.

Commenting on the donation, MetLife Australia’s CEO Richard Nunn said: “We know that many Australians are struggling during this pandemic and we’re supporting Foodbank Australia because  they are directly helping thousands of Australians in need. We know Australia will get through this current crisis, but it won’t be easy and some people are facing enormous challenges including getting access to something as basic as a nutrious meal. We also know that the pandemic will have a long term impact on people’s health and wellbeing, and we want to have a deep an enduring impact on our community. We hope this contribution to Foodbank Australia will help thousands of Australians get the nutrition and energy they need and make it through this current situation.”


Brianna Casey, Foodbank Australia CEO said: “Demand for food relief has increased significantly due to job loss and small businesses closures as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. Foodbank has had to scale up in order to help many vulnerable Australians, some of whom have had to ask for assistance for the first time. We are truly grateful to MetLife for its generous support which will enable us to support those doing it tough now, and for the long haul. Thank you MetLife.”