Western Australia makes up 33% of the total land in Australia – that means our job of getting food relief to Western Australians who need it isn’t as simple as having a Perth warehouse. We rely on our charity partners and organisations to help bridge the gap for people living regionally

250 Emergency Food Relief Hampers were delivered to communities in the Mid-West recently thanks to the FRRR (Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal), with funding from Kellogg Company Australia. These hampers have primarily supported the Indigenous community within Meekatharra and Wiluna.

A challenge for ensuring food relief is accessible within the area, besides the long way to travel, is dependent on navigating Cultural Lore Time, whereby members of the community could be uncontactable for a month. This is particularly a factor during December and February where contact can be lost with Indigenous community members. Within this project, Mission Australia had to hold off on delivering food hampers within Wiluna for a month out of respect for Cultural Lore Time. COVID-19 also created a few barriers that limited travel within the region to protect the local communities.

The food hampers have been a means of connection for relief agencies and the community in Wiluna and Meekatharra. We know the food is a foundation for overcoming many barriers within insecurity. As part of this project, it has been reported that the Foodbank WA hampers have helped Mission Australia connect with vulnerable members that they might otherwise not have been able to reach. Then they are able to provide additional wrap around support. A key element that was noted by Mission Australia is this project has really helped them connect with Elders who would otherwise not come forward normally.

Both Foodbank Geraldton and Mission Australia have worked with local community representatives to help distribute these hampers in Meekatharra and Wiluna. We are thankful to do our part for this great initiative to make a difference like this for people living in rural WA.

Two Mission Australia staff members distribute an Emergency Hamper

Food Hampers recipient

Food Hampers recipient

Food Hampers recipient

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