All we want for Christmas is a spatula that feeds 250,000 Australians

FBV Spatulas Home Tile

What happens when you give five community minded celebrities the opportunity to channel their inner Banksy on a spatula to help Foodbank feed families in need?

Well, you end up with five unique pieces of collectable art, that also help make super delicious Christmas cakes*

Foodbank Ambassadors Hamish Blake and Chrissie Swan have joined forces with Attica head chef Ben Shewry, MasterChef dessert queen Kirsten Tibballs and model/presenter Rebecca Judd to design these limited-edition Foodbank spatulas produced in partnership with our generous friends at Minimax.

There are velvety hearts, pastel roses, pop art cupcakes, Attica graphics and words to inspire a thousand slightly sticky smiles. We love them all.

It’s the ultimate feel-good Christmas gift that puts food on the table for vulnerable families right across the country.

On any given day in Australia, there are half a million households who can’t afford food so these big hearted, beautifully crafted spatulas couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Spatula by Foodbank can be purchased from Minimax stores and for $19.95 and 100% (yes, 100%) of the proceeds will go to Foodbank.

Every spatula sold equals 25 meals, so that’s going to add up to an incredible 250,000 extra meals by Christmas with the help of gift shoppers who know just how hard a year it has been for so many.

*We can’t actually ‘guarantee’ the super delicious bit, but the odds are good!

Spatulas designed by celebrities

Every spatula sold equals 25 meals