Mirvac Tastes of… campaign wrap-up.

Throughout the month of April, a host of mouth-watering foodie experiences and giant collection boxes popped up in Mirvac Retail shopping centres across the country to raise awareness for Foodbank. Instagram uploads of meals purchased in-centre with the hashtag #tasteofgiving also saw Mirvac Retail donate one meal per hashtag to Foodbank.

To help the public find out more, there was also an in-centre Foodbank Faces of Hunger exhibition of personal portraits, showcasing the compelling stories of Australians who are currently facing food insecurity.

“It’s essential we have the opportunity to incorporate relevance into our campaigns and implement community focused initiatives. Foodbank are undergoing exceptional projects across Australia and are heavily reliant on volunteers and donations to help supply meals to those who need them most,” said Mirvac Retail’s National Marketing Manager, Paul Pozzobon.

In Queensland, the Mirvac Centre’s collectively raised 613 kilograms of product, and $1,537 for Foodbank.  Given the generosity of our many food donors, this allows Foodbank to source food worth more than the equivalent of $25,000 in retail value.

Imagine how many Queensland families that can help! For more information, or if you would like to support the ongoing efforts of Foodbank Queensland please contact our friendly staff.