Mitch’s Story

“I don’t know how I’ll get through the next few months…” – Mitch*, single father of three.

Despite never having the support and resources needed, Mitch created a happy home for his three children.  When adversity recently returned, it put food out of reach for his family.

Mitch’s childhood was marked by family breakdowns. Raised by his father who remarried many times, Mitch moved from town to town and was placed in foster care at 12. Life was looking up when he married and had three children. After his relationship broke down, Mitch became the primary carer for his children. With Mitch and his children all on the autism spectrum, life is often overwhelming and stressful. Unable to work due to his disability, they struggle on a small pension.

Finding money to support them is hard, I don’t want my children to ever miss out.” – Mitch.

Mitch is a loving father who is worried about providing regular, healthy meals amidst soaring living costs.

When we haven’t had enough to eat, it weighs me down. I have to pull together whatever meals I can, like beans on toast.” – Mitch

School lunches are very stressful, paying for all the fruit and snacks. It’s also the meat and vegetables that have become too expensive… the things that are still cheap are the junk foods.” – Mitch

Generous supporters like you changed everything for Mitch. He found help at a Foodbank Member Charity where he receives nutritious meals for his family.  “They do dinners like spaghetti, macaroni, vegetarian, and it puts me at ease. I can focus on being a good Dad.” – Mitch

Mitch now volunteers at the Foodbank Member Charity, helping others access food relief. Having autism has created barriers to employment, but volunteering makes him feel loved, like he’s making a difference. “They make me feel special.” – Mitch

Without Foodbank’s Member Charity, Mitch doesn’t know where he would be. Your support has been a vital lifeline, providing nourishment to families like Mitch’s who are facing hunger and hardship in our Queensland communities.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy