The Mushroom Guys

Bringing the gourmet home

You would certainly be excused for mistaking these 100% Australian grown gourmet mushrooms for a beautiful exotic coral.

The Mushroom Guys are a supplier of gourmet mushrooms to a very specific delivery radius in Perth stretching from Scarborough to Victoria Park and down to Munster, or can be collected from Kardinya.

The niche product which can cost in the vicinity of $80 per kilogram is very much in demand from high end restaurants and café in the Perth area.

The mushrooms are freshly harvested by hand and delicately packed to ensure the highest quality product is delivered fresh to the customer. They have a strict window within which the mushrooms must be delivered after they have been picked – 48 hours – which means that any of the products which have not been delivered during the designated timeframe, are donated to us instead.

Each Monday for the past four years our truck has collected bunches of gourmet product which Chef Grant turns into extra delicious and nutritious meals in the Community Kitchen.

varieties of mushrooms donated by the mushroom guys

The Mushroom Guys grow their mushrooms in unique conditions which includes controlling variables such as light, humidity, air exchange and temperature year-round (which allows predictable production with reliable harvests), and are grown vertically which significantly reduces the amount of land space needed to grow plants compared to traditional farming methods. The mushrooms are grown on sustainably sourced hardwood sawdust, soy bean hulls and wheat bran. They fastidiously mix their own blend of substrates, pack, sterilise and delicately inoculate all their own blocks right here in WA. They do not use any sprays, harmful chemicals, pesticides or fungicides to grow their mushrooms. Hard work and gumption keeps all the pests away.

Thank you to The Mushroom Guys for injecting some gourmet into our Community Kitchen.

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