We are seeking your support for a National Food Donation Tax Incentive

What is the issue?

Australia currently wastes more than 7.6 million tonnes of food each year, costing the economy over $36.6 billion. 70% of this food is perfectly edible and redirecting it to food relief would potentially deliver $2 billion in social return.

In spite of this, Australia’s current tax framework does not motivate the food industry to donate surplus stock – in fact, it is no better than if they send it for recycling or to landfill. This has to change.

What are we proposing?

A National Food Donation Tax Incentive would be a game-changer for Australia, helping people and planet alike. For smaller businesses (up to $20m turnover), the proposal would provide a tax break that would equate to a 20% cash back. For larger businesses ($20m to $1B turnover) it would be a 10% credit on their tax bill.

You can find out more about this important initiative and how to get involved below.

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