Northern Star Resources help to support Kalgoorlie

Providing regional support in the Goldfields and Esperance

Our Kalgoorlie branch has been able to helping the community through the Summer Strategy, distributing much-needed food and groceries – all made possible by Northern Star Resources

Well into the second year of this partnership, working closely with Northern Star Resources and the local community helps us to gain a better understanding of the nature and need of food relief required including the transient Indigenous communities which create a fluctuating population and the barriers and complexities of the area. 

This will allow us to further our capability in meeting the rising demand for food relief within the region. 

A key component of the partnership is active participation in the Summer Response Strategy in Kalgoorlie, an initiative which is a social model involving organisations working together to address complex social issues, in liaison with the Goldfields Development Commission. This ensures we have food, water and hygiene packs available to the community to meet immediate needs. This year, Foodbank Kalgoorlie was proud to be able to support local agencies including M25 Church of Christ as part of this Strategy to provide essential product that assisted vulnerable members in the community. 

WA Foodbank WA Northern Star Resources Support Kalgoorlie

The M25 Church of Christ helps connect the local community and utilised our Foodbank Kalgoorlie product to provide clothes, meals, groceries, showers, clothes washing and a safe place to come and be encouraged and just hang out. Tracey McCartney – M25 Church of Christ coordinator said “a HUGE THANK YOU for the items received. Your support of those doing it tough in our community is much appreciated. 

Foodbank Kalgoorlie can now offer our well-renowned nutrition education programs in the region covering important topics such as budgeting, nutritional content of foods and cooking meals which are all necessary in understanding a healthier and more affordable way of living. 

We have also introduced a Mobile Foodbank for those who struggle to find transport to visit the branch, whether that be due to the increase in the cost of petrol, language barriers, social stigma or cultural intricacies. We plan expand the service to visit eight locations within three years. Four of these will be based locally and the others will be outreach communities. 

Watch a video featuring Northern Star's support