One subscription, unending impact

Just one way you can donate to Foodbank

Scrolling through endless shows on your streaming service, yet nothing grabs you?  

One of our donors felt the same. After facing hardship as a child, they looked at their unused streaming subscriptions and saw something else: an opportunity to make a real difference. 

In their words: 

When I realised that I’ve had subscriptions to numerous entertainment channels which I hardly use when some people struggle to put the food on their table, especially after experiencing hardship myself in my childhood, made me feel not too good about myself.

It’s fascinating how we are prepared to throw money on things that we don’t need but find it hard to donate the same amount towards something that could literally make a huge difference to someone’s life. This was the main reason [I became] a regular donor to Foodbank. 

WA Foodbank WA Donate to Foodbank One Subscription Unending Impact

This donor traded screen time for a powerful impact.

Do you have a neglected streaming service subscription taking up money and space? For $21 a month you can help feed a child for a fortnight.

Published on Friday, 2 February 2024

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