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Anne’s journey into volunteering began with a simple question: “What else am I doing now that I’m retired?” Little did she know the profound impact she’d have. 

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It's nice to have people you remember and who remember you too, people you can ask how they're doing and check in, make sure they're okay.

For Anne, volunteering means more than just helping out. It’s about building meaningful connections with those who rely on our services. In Anne’s eyes, we’re not just distributing groceries; we’re offering a welcoming and friendly face, one that doesn’t pass judgment and asks a single, essential question: “Is everyone at home getting enough to eat? 

The power of that friendly face is something Anne embraces. She shares, “for some people who have fallen on hard times, coming here is one of the few moments they don’t feel ashamed. We can look them in the eye, and all they see is a kind smile back at them.” It’s not just about the food and groceries; it’s about the social interaction, the dignity and human connection we all deserve. 

It’s nice to have people you remember and who remember you too,” Anne reflects. “People you can ask how they’re doing and check in, make sure they’re okay.” Through these interactions, she brings hope and genuine care to our community. 

For Anne, volunteering is not only a way to give back but also an opportunity to show appreciation to the people around us. She understands that it’s not just about the community we serve; it’s also about the profound impact volunteering has on her own life. It’s a beautiful circle of giving and receiving, where every smile, every kind word, and every moment of connection create a brighter, more compassionate world. 

We are believers that Act, Belong, Commit volunteering is a great way to be active in our community

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