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Every year, 7.6 million tonnes of perfectly good food ends up in landfills. But thanks to heroes like Kurt Papp, countless mouths are fed instead. Kurt dedicates his time to rescuing fresh produce at Perth Markets. He’s been doing it for 13 years in fact and has become a vital link in our food rescue chain.

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I hate to see waste and when you see what is wasted, it's heartbreaking

Kurt understands that life can take an unexpected turn better than most. When he fell ill, he needed to turn to income support. So what did he do in return? He stepped up to volunteer and contribute to his community. Kurt made his way to Foodbank and he hasn’t looked back since. 

Two years at Welshpool warmed him up, and then the Perth Markets beckoned. Now, he supports our supply chain operations on the ground, coordinating fresh fruit and vegetable deliveries to ensure they get to the people who need them most. 

Whether it’s too many veggies or a slightly bruised pallet, Kurt refuses to let good stuff go to waste. He and the Foodbank crew make sure that locally-grown produce finds its way to grateful tummies instead of the landfill. 

Now, Kurt isn’t just a face at the markets; he’s practically a legend. Forklift drivers, wholesalers – everyone knows him. Need apples? Kurt knows exactly who to call and in no time, you’ll have a pallet of juicy fruit with a bonus veggie surprise. 

So, the next time you munch on a crisp apple or savour some fresh veggies, give a mental high-five to Kurt Papp – the guy making sure good food doesn’t go to waste. 

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