Our volunteers,
the heart of Foodbank

We are more than just a warehouse filled with food. We are a powerful community stitched together by the countless stories of our volunteers. Each one brings a unique strength – their experiences, motivations and unwavering dedication. Together they weave a vital message: no one in Western Australia needs to face hunger.

In May, we celebrate the great work of our volunteers during National Volunteer Week.

Here are some of their stories…

20210908 Golden Girls Community Kitchen (11)


The Golden Girls – culinary champions

Don’t let their age fool you. Our “Golden Girls” in the Community Kitchen boast an average age of 75 and prepare over 1,500 vital meals for families in need each week. “We turn our hand to anything,” says Ros, their gusto for reducing food waste becoming the joy of nourishing others.


Viktor – Spreading smiles, one box at a time

Viktor’s infectious joy lights up the room and is a constant reminder of the positive ripple effect volunteers create. He thrives on the daily variety and the sense of belonging. “Seeing people in others is a great motivation. I love to be a part of the team and know that what we do here makes a difference to so many people,” he beams.

Victor (2)

WA Foodbank WA Volunteer with Charity Foodbank Martin Our Volunteer Stories


Martin – the customer champion

When Martin isn’t soaring through the skies, you’ll find him spreading warmth at our Perth warehouse. For over three and a half years he’s been a customer favourite, creating a welcoming space for everyone. Martin simply says, “Taking time out to help others matters,” his dedication adding a special touch to the Foodbank WA experience.



Kurt – the market maverick

Every year 7.6 million tonnes of perfectly good food ends up in landfill. But thanks to volunteers like Kurt Papp, countless mouths are fed instead. “When you can help change it, why wouldn’t you?” Kurt asks, his dedication echoing through the Perth Markets for 13 years as he rescues fresh fruits and vegetables.

WA Foodbank WA Kurt Papp Volunteer Stories

WA Fiona Mid

Fiona – our warehouse whirlwind

The Perth Warehouse wouldn’t be the same without Fiona’s whirlwind of efficiency. Her dedication and “can-do” attitude are legendary. “When I go home, I feel like I’ve actually done something worthwhile,” she shares, reflecting the deep sense of purpose and camaraderie that comes with volunteering at Foodbank.



Ray, 79 – the tireless trailblazer

Age is just a number for Ray Jordan, 2022 South West Volunteer of the Year. For 20 years, he’s steered the School Breakfast Program across a staggering 63 schools in our South West. “Being part of the community keeps you young. You have to get out amongst everyone, otherwise you become a couch potato,” he winks.

WA Foodbank WA Our Volunteer Stories Ray

These are just a few of our volunteers. They represent the countless volunteers who are the lifeblood of our organisation. Their unwavering spirit and tireless effort build a powerful safety net, ensuring food reaches those who need it most.

In National Volunteer Week, and every other week, we celebrate them. Thank you for making a real difference for the 388,000 Western Australian families who rely on us. Your dedication truly fuels positive change.

Interested in volunteering?