Paula’s Story

Hunger can be such a complex issue, as there are so many triggers that can lead to food insecurity. For Paula, it was domestic violence.

Imagine having to choose between fleeing an abusive relationship knowing it would make it almost impossible to make ends meet, or staying in an environment where you constantly feared for your safety.

“Leaving an abusive relationship was really hard. What was even harder was knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to feed my children” said Paula.

While no one should ever have to face that choice, the reality is 1 in 4 women have experienced domestic violence, and many of them care for young children.

Paula has been kind enough to share some of her darker days with us so we can try and understand what it was like for her.

“I used to get so hungry and break into tears because I didn’t have enough money for food. Sometimes I used to cry in the car, so the kids didn’t see” – Paula is back on her feet now but still gets a little help from Foodbank to help ends meet. She is living proof that your generosity is helping break the cycle of domestic violence.

As a supporter of Foodbank, your valuable donations go exactly where it is needed the most. To provide families and children across Victoria with wholesome nutritious food, vegetables, dairy and staples.

Thank you for helping fight hunger in Australia.

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