Residents of the Peel area struggling to put food on the table have more support thanks to the Peel Thunder Football Club who dedicated their Round 9 game against the East Perth Royals to raise support and awareness for the Foodbank Peel Branch. 

Hosted at Peel’s home ground in Mandurah, Lane Group Stadium on Saturday 18 June 2022, the Round 9 celebrations focussed on raising financial and food donations which went directly to Foodbank Peel.   

It was an action-packed day with some great action on the field, but there was also plenty on offer for spectators from kids’ zones to activations at breaks in play.   

The Peel Thunder initiative raises awareness for Foodbank Peel and further connects the Peel community with the Branch, highlighting the valuable service that is available for people experiencing food insecurity.    

Foodbank Peel provides over 551,000 meals each year for vulnerable individuals, families and students within the Peel region through 35 charity agencies and 26 schools. More support is needed to help overcome the gap of unmet need that exists.   

white box with a foodbank logo

The day featured some great action on field and plenty of fun for the kids and family with a large, above-average crowd of almost 3,000.

To date, over 7,000 meals have been raised – you can make a valuable difference and support Foodbank Peel to get more meals out to the people who need them.

Join Peel Thunder and Donate Today to Foodbank Peel