Reduce your waste footprint with Repurpose It

In support of our commitment to reducing waste, we’re teaming up with Repurpose It, an organisation who champions sustainability and believes “all waste can be converted into valuable resources”.

Providing a true closed loop solution, Repurpose It will use new and best-practice technology converting waste to resource, reducing the reliance on extractive materials.

“We couldn’t be more excited by our partnership with Foodbank Victoria, an organisation who shares our values in relation to creating a better planet and minimising food waste,” says George Hatzimanolis, CEO & Co-Founder.

“Our goal is to provide 1 million meals to struggling Victorians through the term of this partnership”, says George. Repurpose It have already committed support of Foodbank Victoria by providing 50,000 meals to vulnerable Victorians.

Whilst we do our best at Foodbank to distribute all our food out to our charity partners there is some food that even we can’t use.

You too may have excess waste that can be re-diverted from landfill. If this is the case, and you are interested in finding better ways to minimise waste and learning more about this new technology please contact our partnerships team via  or 03 9362 8383. We would love to get you involved with this great initiative.

What’s even better is that for every 1,000 kilograms of waste that is processed through the plant from our food donor network, Repurpose It have committed to donating $5 to Foodbank Victoria – that’s 10 meals to people in need. So not only will you be redirecting waste that will be converted into valuable resources, but you will also be helping provide more meals on the table of those that need it most.

Together we can close the loop and move one step closer to a future that is waste free and hunger free.

Want to learn how you can minimise your waste?
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