22,500 Children Not Going Without

Our School Breakfast Program has grown a lot since 2001

In a state as rich as WA, it is surprising to learn that there are children in metro, regional and remote WA going to school without breakfast.

Growing from 17 schools in 2001 to 500 schools in 2022, the School Breakfast Program supports 22,500 students per week and is the largest operation of its kind in Australia.

Over the years, schools have steadily enrolled in the School Breakfast Program when they notice the increase in children who come to school with little or no breakfast. The reasons for this vary greatly, increase in the cost-of-living pressures, low income, poverty, remoteness and lack of access to nutritious food make children and families vulnerable to food insecurity.

While soothing a rumbling tummy is the most immediate benefit of the Program, the impact on students, teachers and the community is far more profound than initially thought. Our Program provides children living in disadvantage an equal opportunity to excel academically, emotionally and socially

Three children eating from the School Breakfast Program

Program evaluation shows a marked improvement in kids staying, engaging and excelling in the classroom. School Breakfast Coordinators have told of students feeling a sense of belonging and building better relationships with peers and teachers.

School Breakfast Program Coordinator Miranda Chester said, growing up in regional WA,
“I remember friends arriving at school hungry and at times experiencing food insecurity within my own home. I’m privileged to be part of the solution for over 22,500 children across WA, providing breakfast to fuel their bodies to grow and minds to learn.”

We have been busy preparing deliveries for the next school term and have 160 pallets to be distributed throughout WA.

Miranda with pallets for the School Breakfast Program

Three cute children eating in the School Breakfast Program

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