School Spotlight: Stawell Primary School

For over 10 years, students have been enjoying Breakfast Club as a healthy and positive way to start their school day.

We chatted to Michael Lewis, Chaplain of Stawell Primary School, about the benefits of the program.

He said, “We are grateful to our committed volunteers who run the program and to Foodbank for providing our breakfast food.

“We are also grateful to a generous local bakery for donating bread every week. Breakfast time is a time for lively conversations and building friendships in a safe, happy environment.

“At breakfast, music plays a big part in creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere. We play a musical guessing-game, where students guess what movie a piece of music comes from, to win extra toast and bragging rights.

“We also ask students to share three things they are grateful for; which has sparked conversations about a wide variety of things, like being grateful for fresh morning air, birds singing, a favourite toy or sport, and special relationships. This adds up to students having a positive mindset and outlook on life.”

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