Transforming surprises into staples

A look behind the scenes at food rescue

Feeding thousands, fighting waste. With a surprise-supply chain, chasing unexpected opportunities and putting freshness on the move, a lot goes on behind the scenes when we’re feeding change for 388,000 households.

The “surprise chain” in action

Our story begins with a simple act of kindness – a supplier decides to donate food or groceries.

The donations arrive as a delightful “surprise chain.” We never know exactly what we’ll get until our they reach our warehouse.

Turning “unsaleable” into opportunity

Excess food, wonky vegetables or items nearing their best before date are “unsellable”, not inedible. We rescue perfectly good food from landfill to fill the tummies of those who need it most.

But it’s not just about our shoppers. Food donations free up valuable storage space for our suppliers, saving them time, hassle and money.

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Food and groceries are then distributed to our branches based on expiry dates, not preferences. Each branch receives an equal share of different types of food, ensuring everyone has access to a balanced and nutritious selection, regardless of their location.

Freshness on the move

Fresh fruits and vegetables take a special route.

We carefully assess their shelf life and if they’ll reach regional branches in time, we split them up and deliver them directly. This ensures everyone, no matter their location, has access to fresh produce.

It’s not just food, it’s hope

Our network thrives on collaboration, resourcefulness, and a shared commitment to fighting food insecurity.

In 2023, we rescued over 4,737,000 kilos of food and groceries from landfill, provided 2,205,492 meals and saved over 9,001,780 kilos of CO2 emissions.

If you’d like to contribute, you can donate, volunteer or simply spread the word. Every little bit helps us weave this incredible web of support, ensuring everyone has access to the food they deserve.

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