Farms to Families

Farms to Families pop-up markets provide fresh, healthy and nutritious produce to people experiencing food insecurity in disadvantaged communities.

Most fresh produce is considered a luxury for people struggling to put food on their tables. With not enough money, they are forced to rely on cheap foods that are often energy-dense and nutrient-poor; and this leads to further disadvantage when it comes to health outcomes.

Working with our charity partners, our Farms to Families pop-up markets provide a welcoming space for the local community to access vegetables, fruit and dairy products. Each market can provide up to 300 families with enough fresh food for a week.

Our Farms to Families markets aim to:

  • increase access to healthy, nutritious produce
  • provide an environment that fosters community connectivity and inclusion
  • help bridge the gap in perishable food relief programs
  • assist charities to expand their food relief reach and impact
  • support the Australian agriculture industry
  • contribute to a more sustainable environment by redirecting perishable food away from landfill.

Funding and volunteering opportunities

These markets rely on funding from corporate organisations and philanthropic groups. With volunteers required to run each markets, they are a rewarding activity for staff

If you’re interested in supporting a Farms to Families market, please provide your details below and our Corporate Partnerships team we will be in touch.


These pop-up markets are fantastic, because everything is fresh, it keeps a lot longer, and it's nice to get really fresh food, and fresh milk, and all that sort of stuff.

– Gloria, recipient at a Farms to Families pop-up market