Thank you for helping Victorians in crisis

Thank you so much for supporting Victorians in crisis. Your gift will provide essential food to those in need.

While 2020 has only just begun, we’ve already experienced devastating bushfires and now we are facing the escalating threat of the COVID-19 virus to our communities. Now, more than ever, Foodbank Victoria relies on the kindness of our community to help meet increasing demand.

You can make a quick online donation below. Simply select whether you’d like to donate once or on a monthly basis, and select the amount you’d like to donate – or select ‘your choice’ to enter a different amount. Enter your details and hit donate now.

If you’d prefer not to donate online, please call us on 03 9362 8388 to donate over the phone or for postal or direct deposit details.

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For international donations please use the post code 2113