Telethon’s Support Powers Impact on Child Health

The ambitious goal of ending child hunger in Western Australia by 2030 has taken a huge stride forward, thanks to the invaluable support of Telethon.

With Telethon’s generous funding, Foodbank WA has successfully delivered 48 transformative child health programs this year through an initiative that is an Australian first. At the heart of this collaborative effort, the Food Sensations® for Children program has proven effective in improving food literacy, parenting feeding practices and vegetable consumption among parents of 0 to 5-year-olds in vulnerable communities. 

By empowering parents of young children with increased knowledge, skills, and confidence to plan, prepare and eat nutritious and budget-friendly meals, the program is helping families foster lifelong healthy eating habits and change the trajectory of child health.

I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make sure that our kids eat certain foods and eat their entire meal. And this course has just really taught me that you don’t have to do that,” shared Emma Pakay, a participating parent. “It’s just been nice to know that other mums have experienced similar issues that I have. I’ve gotten great tips for different dinners from other mums as well.

The program has helped 450 families from Geraldton to Albany to date, but the funding’s impact goes beyond the kitchen. With the rising cost of living, accessing healthy, nutritious food has become the challenge, with more than half of families experiencing moderate or severe food insecurity in 2022 according to the Foodbank Hunger Report.

To combat this, Telethon also supports Foodbank WA’s School Breakfast Program in over 500 schools. Reaching more than 22,600 children and serving 74,900 breakfasts and 24,800 emergency meals per week, the Program ensures no child goes to school hungry. But it’s not just about the meal – the breakfast club nurtures life skills too.

Beyond the classroom, students learn socialising and hygiene practices in a nurturing and caring environment, guided by compassionate teachers who have stepped up to offer more than just education. 

The Breakfast Program provides for our students on several levels – physically, socially, and educationally. It provides nourishing healthy breakfast food that meets the physical needs of students to start the day with something nutritionally substantial in their stomachs. The breakfast club has a safe and friendly atmosphere that allows students of all ages to interact with each other in a positive way, and also with staff and parents,” shared a School Breakfast Program coordinator in the Perth Metro area.

Together with Telethon, Foodbank WA isn’t just discussing wellbeing but delivering it, one nourishing meal at a time.If you’d like to book a nutrition education and program for your community or school, visit our website.



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