The introductory paragraph of the story. The goal of this section is to be informative as possible. This should answer at least 3 of the 5 W’s (What, Where, Why, When and Who) and catch reader interest.

In one to two supporting paragraphs, answer the rest of the 5 W’s not answered in the introductory paragraph. Keep the section succinct. Supporting paragraphs “support” the introductory paragraph by introducing important fact or detail one paragraph at a time. Always write in the third person, sharing compelling information from an outsider’s perspective (as the media would).


Each subpoint should highlight the important points of the
announcements—further adding up to the 5 W’s in a bulleted and much concise format.


This is mainly for audiences that don’t have the time to sift through details and fully background information—just enough to tell the story from a position of authority. There shouldn’t be any new, crucial information covered after this section that a reader could miss.

This section provides the background of the news story. Explain the history, background and the bigger story in several paragraphs. Compared to the earlier supporting paragraphs, these tell another, but less important fact or detail. Use quotes if necessary and if it further explains background information.

If necessary, use several paragraphs to explain the sides or different viewpoints (opinions) on the story using quotes and facts. Include the rest of the information you have about the story going from most important to least important, including quotes.

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In this last paragraph, keep in mind that the reader already has all of the vital details and information they need. Offer details here

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