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"The first quote should tell a lot about the person in the profile story. This could notify readers the motivation and or beliefs on why the person do the things he/she does."


Start with a strong lead. Both your opening line and paragraph need to capture the reader’s attention. You are creating a first impression of the person, so make sure you hook your readers from the start.


A profile story is a portrait of a person in words. The next few supporting paragraphs should take the readers in the other person’s world and environment. Do not try to cram into a few paragraphs all the facts that you’ve gathered else you might end up with narrative version of the person’s resume rather than a profile story.

“A good profile story cannot be complete without quotes. Incorporate direct quotes to show your subject’s point of view. Quote them extensively. Quote friends or family. Give a few quotes for every topic you cover in the story.”



It can be a good idea to let the person have the last word and end with a quote.

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