Theresa’s Story

“In March of 2005 my world as I knew it shattered. In one phone call I went from a happy mother of two grown children and three treasured grandchildren to having only one child and two grandchildren in hospital, one with life threatening injuries. My 27 year old daughter Sarah and  six year old grandchild William, had not survived the accident. I didn’t think things could get any worse.”

“The next few years saw me crossing the country to be there for my grandchildren. Upon joining the Wanslea Family Services Grandcarers Group in 2008, I was blessed with support, understanding and most importantly, my first Foodbank WA card.”

“Having relied on Foodbank WA for years before becoming a volunteer, I am well aware of the life altering benefits they provide to financially challenged families. The ability to put healthy, low-priced food on the table allows money to be spent on other, normally affordable necessities.”

"The money I saved allowed me a few luxuries for the children like new shoes or the occasional outing."