Vital drought and disaster relief funding sought by leading food relief organisation

Monday 16 December 2019 – Australia’s leading food relief organisation, Foodbank, is seeking crucial investment in drought and natural disaster relief in its submission to the Federal Government ahead of the forthcoming annual budget.


As the only dedicated food relief organisation involved in providing emergency relief, at scale, to hard-hit regional communities, Foodbank is being stretched to the limit. This essential work comes on top of providing food and groceries to 815,000 Australians every month as part of its ongoing food relief services via 2,400 charities nationally.


Foodbank has identified a number of areas that require urgent Federal Government investment if Foodbank is to be able to answer the call for even more support at the same time when many of its traditional sources of food, including farmers and manufacturers, are themselves suffering from the fallout of the ongoing drought conditions.


Foodbank Australia CEO, Brianna Casey, emphasised the urgency of the situation, “We are currently struggling to assist all communities affected in the unprecedented bushfire emergency gripping both New South Wales and Queensland. Given emergency relief is on top of our day to day food relief efforts across the country, in addition to the growing number of drought-affected communities, we’re seriously questioning whether we can sustain this level of intensity for what’s set to be a particularly challenging summer.


“Foodbank plays a unique role in emergency response. When the crisis hits, we are able to quickly mobilise with essential supplies to stricken areas. This may be with items such as bottled water, batteries, toilet paper and food that doesn’t require refrigeration and cooking when there is no power in the area. Over time the need may change to ingredients for hot meals in evacuation centres, and ultimately to hampers of key staples and household cleaning products for people returning to their homes.


“Foodbank is playing an essential role in helping Australia make it through these incredibly challenging times. We can only continue to do this with increased support from the Federal Government,” Casey explained.