ABC declares War on Waste.

If you’re among the few who haven’t seen it, the documentary is a confronting look at the scale of waste produced by Australian businesses and consumers every year.

According to the ABC Australia’s waste is growing at double the rate of the population, making the series a timely reminder of the need to reduce our waste. ABC’s War on Waste month in May put the spotlight on our ‘waste crisis’, urging Australians to slow down the amount of clothes, coffee cups and food we throw away each year.

And it’s led to a lively conversation about the role food relief organisations play in re-directing food from landfill. Instead of throwing away edible food, farmers, manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers donate goods to Foodbank which are passed on to charities feeding the needy. With its charity partners, Foodbank has a dual purpose to eliminate food waste and food insecurity. If you’d like to take a peak, Foodbank NSW representative featured in the series’ first episode to show you how it all works. You can catch it here on ABC’s iView.

Not mention Foodbanks all across Australia have been busy getting noticed thanks to the ‘War on Waste’. We were lucky enough here in Queensland to inspire a visit from ABC Radio Brisbane journalist, Craig Zonca. To find out what a day in the life of Foodbank really means you can listen to Craig Zonca’s radio interview here.

The attention didn’t stop there with Foodbank Australia CEO, Brianna Casey, featured on ABC News 24 to discuss the $1.2m Federal Energy Grant to go to food relief organisations around the country. You can watch the interview here, where Casey mentions the sad fact that experiencing hunger is a hidden crisis that needs to be talked about.

For more information, please head to the ABC’s War on Waste landing page here.