You can make a difference this Christmas.

Christmas is a time of celebration, family, friends and gift giving. For many though, the reality will be very different this Christmas.

‘Last year my hours were cut back and now my wife is sick and without her income we struggle to pay the bills, let alone food!’ Bob, recipient.

With many Queenslanders living ‘pay cheque to pay cheque’ it doesn’t take much.  An unexpected bill, a sudden illness, a relationship breakdown, insecure housing, a change in income or employment status, a lack of support networks are just some of the causes. The reality is, food insecurity affects 15% of the population. Sadly, a third are children and worse still, a further 4,283 people are being turned away due to the lack of available food.The good news is you can change this.

Together with Foodbank you can make a difference this Christmas by giving a gift to feed hungry families like Bob’s.

  • A donation of $50 provides 300 meals.
  • A donation of $75 provides 450 meals.
  • A donation of $100 provides 600 meals.

Bob, ‘knowing people care enough to give, restores hope that things can change for me and my family.’

So dig deep and give a stranger a gift this Xmas.