"It's gut-wrenching knowing you don't have enough money for food"

Have you ever wondered if your income went to zero overnight would you cope? What sacrifices would you make to get by?

Renee and Grant are hardworking people raising four kids. But then a single incident turned their life upside down. Grant suffered a terrible accident at work and couldn’t work for months. No work meant no income, which quickly meant no food.

“A single incident and our whole world came crashing down around us. I’m sure Grant and the kids don’t know this, but I would often lie and say, ‘I had a big lunch’ or something like that so they would eat my share, in truth we just didn’t have enough food.” – Renee

It could be a neighbour, a relative or a friend that needs your help but hasn’t told you. Redundancies at work, unexpected medical bills or an accident like Grant had can mean there’s not enough money for food.

“One day I realised I had $50 to my name. It’s gut-wrenching knowing you don’t have enough money for food- especially at Christmas.” – Renee

Hunger doesn’t discriminate, nor do the situations that can quickly turn your weekly groceries into a luxury you can’t afford.

You can help families like Renee's