A recipe for a brighter future 

This Youth Week, we’re taking you inside our nom! Youth program

Two words: Healthy Eating. It might sound daunting, but for the young people at Anchor Point in Mirrabooka, it’s becoming a delicious adventure thanks to our nom! Youth program. 

Anchor Point is all about giving young people aged 15 to 19 the chance to learn at their own pace. Here, disengaged students can complete their education in a fun and flexible environment, with a focus on personal development, work readiness, health and wellbeing. It’s the perfect match for nom! Youth’s mission to equip young Australians with essential life skills for life beyond the classroom. 

We joined Charlotte, our Public Health Nutritionist, as she kicked off the session with a crash course in the five food groups – the building blocks of a healthy diet. But nom! is all about making learning fun and engaging. So, what better way to test their knowledge than a friendly challenge? Students were tasked with creating healthy snacks versus sometimes snacks on a budget of $10.00.

The room transformed into a mini-supermarket showdown. Two trolleys awaited – the first brimming with vibrant fruits, veggies, lean proteins and whole grains, the second filled with highly processed “sometimes” foods. Our young chefs strategised, filling their carts with the five food groups as they learned valuable shopping skills for life. This was about more than healthy options being good for you, it was about proving they can be more affordable, too.  


Armed with recipe cards, they became budding chefs, chopping, stirring and maybe even creating a little friendly mess (a key ingredient in the learning process). But the best part? Sharing a homemade meal afterwards. Eating as a group creates an important sense of community and connection, something everyone needs. Leftovers were packed away and the kitchen cleaned – developing good hygiene and teamwork. 

nom! Youth is so much more than a cooking class. It’s about empowering young adults to make healthy choices for life. Thanks to ATCO’s generous support, we can continue to offer these vital programs to young people across Western Australia.  

Together, we’re ensuring the next generation of Australians are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to build a brighter, healthier future – one delicious meal at a time. 

nom! Youth is so much more than a cooking class