A Word from Gerry

Thank you. Your unwavering support through the most challenging time in Foodbank’s history has eased the pain and distress of countless hungry Australians. There are no words that can truly express my gratitude.

Foodbank has supported Australians in need through the generous support of people like you.

The sheer scale of the COVID-19 crisis has been heart-wrenching, and Foodbank will be relied upon to assist families in putting food on the table for years while they recover.

Not so long ago, hunger was a hidden crisis, affecting 1 in 5 Australians. Today, as we emerge from the bushfires and COVID-19, this statistic is now 2 in 5 people.

That’s 50% more families living day to day, skipping meals. Feeling daily stress, grief and guilt as their children go to school with rumbling tummies and empty lunch boxes.

I am mindful that this crisis has affected many of our supporters personally. If you are struggling to put meals on the table, please reach out to us.

The overwhelming generosity of the community assisted us to source food and employ emergency labour to create and deliver 9,800 hampers, a simply extraordinary number of food relief parcels.

Your support of Foodbank has brought hope to families like Kylie’s – a family already doing it tough, but hit so hard by our recent crisis that she was constantly in tears as she could not feed her children.

This food will help our family 1000% for the next few weeks. It means we will be able to get by and we’re not going to be struggling,” said Kylie.

Your kind heart has ensured people like Jay, who lost her job in the beauty industry, had food to put on the table. Jay’s story is of an overnight transformation. She was privately renting with no money worries, and then suddenly had no income, no money – having to live with friends or in emergency accommodation.

Jay’s story is sadly one that has been played out around the country right now. People who never imagined they would ever have to come to Foodbank for help, suddenly thrown into a desperate situation.

It’s a story that Charity Partners like Mama Lana’s and Hawkesbury Helping Hands see every day. Linda Strickland, Founder of Hawkesbury Helping Hands, says “most of the stories are heartbreaking and many days I can hardly hold it together… but we need to get the food out, and we need to get it out very, very quickly because people are starving in our community.”

Right across Australia, so many people are struggling. Often these are people who have been victims of devastation just as they were trying to help others – people like Phillip, one of the firemen on the front line in the community of Kiah, trying to save homes in the bushfire crisis. Phillip lost his own home, and only just escaped with his life.

“We need help here,” says Phillip. “Recovery is going to take a long time. We need to let people know we still need assistance here. It’s going to take years to rebuild.”

As COVID-19 restrictions ease further and we adapt to our new normal, I am witnessing the return of hope – for new jobs, a boost to our economy and re-connection. But for some, there is little hope right now. Your gift will support Australians who have lost homes, jobs and their loved ones to get back on their feet.

On behalf of the many thousands of Australians who are going hungry right now, I’d like to say a very special thank you for your ongoing support. Every dollar you give makes a difference.

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