A Word from Gerry

I have recently just returned from taking part in The Global FoodBanking Network Conference (GFN) in London. This year’s event brought together some of the most influential minds in food banking, the food industry and international aid. With Foodbank Australia being a proud GFN member and leader, we came together to discuss the challenges and the solutions we are working on globally and locally to meet the needs of food insecure people, while simultaneously reducing food waste.

I am constantly reminded of the impact your support has on the community through hearing the wonderful stories from our supporters and recipients. This month, we wanted to feature the story of one of our youngest donors, 9 year old Lorelei, who was touched by the story of another child going to school hungry and donated her savings from her piggybank to support Foodbank.

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Thankfully Lorelei has not known food insecurity herself, but her generosity together with your ongoing support will help many who are struggling right now. With 1 in 6 Australians not knowing where their next meal is coming from, an unexpected bill, injury or loss of a job can put many families into crisis. This is particularly the case for older Australians whose sole income is the pension like Sue.

Sue, a 72-year-old pensioner from regional NSW, is a proud country woman who always stood on her own two feet. She was a nurse for 30 years and spent her lifetime helping others. Tragedy struck when Sue was 68 years old, and she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Unfortunately, the diagnosis meant Sue had to stop working years before she had planned, placing her and her family into financial struggle. This struggle meant that she had to make difficult life decisions, such as spending $50 on food or petrol so she could visit her granddaughter – a decision no one should ever have to make.

You can help people like Sue not have to make devastating choices by donating before June 30.


We couldn’t do all of the work we do without your support and I encourage you to look out for opportunities to support Foodbank in the coming months.