Breaking the cycle 

Rent or food?

For many Western Australians, the rising cost of rent has become a cruel choice: rent or food. Michelle, a single mum living in Perth, knows this all too well. 

Last year, I could barely afford rent and groceries. Every time my lease came up for renewal, it felt like a gamble. Would I be able to find another place I could afford, or would I end up homeless?” 

Accessible housing: a foundation for dignity 

Thankfully, things are starting to look up for Michelle and thousands of Western Australians like her. The recent rent reforms passed in Western Australia provide much-needed stability for renters. 

Key changes to the Residential Tenancies Act include: 

  • Rent increases capped at once a year, instead of every six months.  
  • Bidding on rentals is now illegal. Properties must be advertised at a fixed price.  
  • Tenants have more rights regarding pets and minor modifications. 

These reforms are a critical step towards ensuring housing is a foundation, not a constant source of stress.  

By incorporating homegrown produce, we not only minimise food waste but foster a sense of connection within the airport community. The clever raised bed design ensures accessibility for everyone, including seniors and people with disabilities. Plus, the efficient drip irrigation system minimises water waste. 

Breaking the cycle | Rent or food?

Investment to help end homelessness 

The State Government’s recent $92.2 million funding boost for homelessness services will start to help alleviate the housing crisis for our most vulnerable through.

  • Increase baseline funding for existing homelessness services. 
  • Expand the successful Housing First program, which connects people experiencing homelessness with permanent housing. 
  • Enhance support for early intervention and referral services.  

Empowering people with stable housing and essential support services is key to breaking the cycle of homelessness. This investment offers a path toward reclaiming dignity and reaching full potential. 

How you can help 

The fight for affordable housing and a safety net for vulnerable Australians is far from over. However, the recent rent reforms and funding boost for homelessness services offer a glimmer of hope. With continued support and investment, we can break the cycle of food insecurity and homelessness, empowering individuals and families to reach their full potential and build a brighter future for generations to come. 

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