Foodbank SA to provide donation point for food donations and much needed food relief to those impacted by the devastating bush fires.

Foodbank SA has activated as the primary food donation drop off point for those who want to donate food to the people affected by the SA bushfires this includes those fires in the Adelaide Hills, Kangaroo Island and across the state. The main drop off point is at Foodbank SA, 377 Cross Rd, Edwardstown.

Foodbank SA CEO Greg Pattinson said Foodbank would co-ordinate the food relief effort, and urged South Australians not to drop off food at the Emergency Relief Centres in the regions, but to take it to Foodbank in Edwardstown and other Foodbank specific locations across the state.

“The bush fires in South Australia have had a devastating impact on individuals, families and communities. As emergency relief efforts are still ongoing, Foodbank SA have been activated to provide a much-needed food relief to those in need,” Mr Pattinson said.

“For many South Australians, they are wanting to know how they can support those impacted. If the community are wanting to donate food, toiletries and other essentials, they can deliver these donations to Foodbank SA, 377 Cross Road Edwardstown or one of our several Food Hubs across the state.

“Foodbank will coordinate the food donation effort by the community to ensure the right levels of essential foods are delivered to those in need”

Donate Funds

Foodbank have set up a Bush Fire Appeal for those wanting to donate funds. 100% of the funds donated will be used for Food relief efforts, particularly disaster relief and recovery. For every $1 donated, Foodbank SA will be able to purchase $6 worth of food.

Donate Foods & Other Essentials

Foodbank SA are accepting donations of non-perishable food items and toiletries. The most wanted items are: Cereal, long life milk, Tuna, Canned foods (including beans, spaghetti, meals), pasta/pasta sauce, tinned fruit/Veg and toiletries (including sanitary products, toilet paper etc). Unfortunately, we can not take clothing, furniture, linen or other household items.

Delivery details here:

Due to the logistics of coordinating such a relief effort, we would welcome if you could deliver to one of the following locations:

Foodbank SA Warehouse, 377 Cross Road Edwardstown. Open between 9am to 4pm (excluding weekends and public holidays).

Foodbank Food Hub Bowden, 77 Gibson Street, Bowden. Open between 9am to 4pm (excluding weekends and public holidays).

Foodbank Food Hub Elizabeth, 91-93 Elizabeth Way, Elizabeth. Open between 9:30am to 2:30pm (excluding weekends and public holidays).

Foodbank Food Hub Christies Beach, 59-61 Beach Road, Christies Beach. Open between (9am to 4pm) (excluding weekends and public holidays).

Other locations accepting food donations on behalf of Foodbank SA:

Port Adelaide
The Port Club, 9 Queen St, Alberton SA 5014


Foodbank SA has had an overwhelming response to volunteer activities. At this time, our regular volunteers are already in place. If you would like to register for future volunteering opportunities, please register your interest here.

Unfortunately, we are unable to host children as volunteers.

There are other ways you can support, including running a food drive or conducting a fundraising activity.

Our Role in Bush Fire Relief Support

Foodbank SA has a pivotal role to play in the state’s Disaster Recovery and Management. Foodbank SA has been called upon by the State Manager, Emergency Relief Functional Support to enact our food relief activity to support those impacted.

Foodbank SA has been appointed to manage the food relief efforts, including the delivery point for food donations (including food donations by food businesses and the local community) and distribution of food relief to those most in need.

“We have distributed food on a regular basis to the Emergency Centres in the fire impacted area, particularly the Adelaide Hills. As we go on we know the food coordination distribution requirements now will be much greater,” Mr Pattinson said.

Foodbank volunteers have been working behind the scenes preparing food relief and a dedicated volunteer team are already in place sorting and distributing food relief requirements.

State Manager Emergency Functional Relief Support Group Paul Reardon said it was important for people to drop food donations at the right place.

“We know the South Australian community is extremely generous when it comes to helping communities affected by bushfires,” Mr Reardon said.

“It is important that those well-meaning in the community do not head into fire zones, or to Emergency Relief Centres to make a donation. It is recommended that these food donations are made at Foodbank to allow a managed food relief effort. Foodbank can then store and coordinate the distribution as and when needed on the ground.”


About the State Emergency Management – Emergency Relief Functional Support Group & Foodbank SA:

  • The State Emergency Management Plan, pursuant to the Emergency Management Act 2004, details the emergency response, relief and recovery arrangements in South Australia.
  • The Emergency Relief Functional Support Group identifies the and coordinates the provision of practical advice and support services required by individuals, families and communities.
  • Foodbank SA has been activated as part of the Emergency Relief Functional Support Group to assist in the management of donated food coordination and distribution.
  • Foodbanks primary role in Emergency Relief Disaster relates to food relief support. At the request of the State Manager, Emergency Relief Functional Services, Foodbank SA has been requested to enact the plan, in relation to:
    • Donated food management: Foodbank SA has established a site for all donated food to be accumulated and managed. The primary site for food donations is the Foodbank SA warehouse, located at 377a Cross Road Edwardstown. Food donations can also be made at Foodbank Food Hubs across the state.
    • Donated food provision: Foodbank SA will provide food for community recovery activities such as Emergency Relief Centres and community public meetings/events.
    • Donated food distribution: Foodbank SA will manage and distribute food to individuals, families and communities affected by the bush fires.
    • Food disposal: Foodbank SA will manage the disposal of food where required.
    • Outreach: Foodbank SA will support outreach programs.