Working with manufacturers

Our mission is to deliver the most food to the most Australians in need in the most efficient and effective way and our generous partners are essential in achieving this. We simply couldn’t provide the assistance we do without our partners across the food and grocery industry, including the packaging suppliers and food manufacturers. 

Through our partnerships we are able to stretch every dollar donated to Foodbank into even more food; nationally on average we are able to turn every $1 donated into the equivalent of $5.16 worth of food to distribute to those in need.

We work with our food and grocery manufacturing partners to capture donations of ambient, fresh, chilled and frozen foods, as well as household and personal care products. We receive products for all sorts of reasons and at different stages throughout the manufacturing process;

Working with Manufactures

  • Bulk ingredients,
  • Product from test runs or end of production runs,
  • Product that is out of specifications,
  • Product that is close to expiry or inside Minimum life requirements
  • Product with damaged or incorrect packaging,
  • Underweight product,
  • Product that has been deleted, 
  • Marketing concepts that didn’t quite hit the mark,
  • Product/produce that is simply surplus to requirements,
  • Product that is without a market, including private label products.

If it’s still fit for purpose, then chances are we would love to accept it.

We capture raw or bulk ingredients which might just be out of spec or surplus, but through Foodbank, can be diverted to a charity with cooking facilities, such as a shelter, community kitchen or a dining hall.  

Partners support and provide donations of high demand products as part of a commitment to corporate social responsibility or purely to help fill the current gap between supply and demand.

Some of our food manufacturing partners are involved and support our world leading Collaborative Supply Program. This allows us to produce a regular supply of high demand food products, such as rice, pasta, pasta sauce, fresh milk, cereal and sausages. This is achieved by our food partners, their ingredient, packaging and transport suppliers all providing their component of the end product. Our existing partners find this a great way to engage their teams, suppliers and customers.

As a food partner you will have access to our full partner benefits, including access to volunteering nationally, attendance of a member of our team to your key event or town hall, case studies and impact updates to share with your team and access to our research reports.

Is your organisation able to help contribute to fighting hunger in Australia? We’d love to hear from you! Contact our Supply Chain Team today to discuss.